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Who Can Mid-Ohio Toxicology Services Assist?


Medical Providers

Mid-Ohio Toxicology offers service through consultation and assisting in the evaluation of medical cases regarding toxicological issues and exposures.



Mid-Ohio Toxicology serves as consulting specialists to primary care physicians in the evaluation and treatment of poisoned and potentially poisoned patients of all ages.


Legal Professionals

Mid-Ohio Toxicology offers forensic review and expert analysis pertaining to toxicology and risk assessment.


Under what circumstances can Mid-Ohio Toxicology Services be beneficial?

  • Risk assessment after household chemical exposure

  • Risk assessment after occupational chemical exposure

  • Adverse drug (pharmaceutical) reactions and events

  • Drug and alcohol abuse: impairment and toxicity

  • Environmental toxins and envenomations (bites and stings of venomous animals)

  • Forensic and post-mortem toxicology

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